“Gort, America barada nikto”

Unfortunately there is no Gort to save us from the ghastly death of sanity tomorrow at noon and bring our republic, as Klaatu, back to life . The fictional Ellen Benson will be absent. In her place, however, the public is stirring as evidenced by the marches planned in conjunction with this travesty of government. But what will become of these marches? What is the deliverable? What follows? I have written elsewhere that the sclerotic Democratic party is, because of lack of introspection, currently incapable of any serious reform efforts, being a wholly owned subsidiary of Korporation Amerika. Today in the Guardian, Micah White, opines in a piece entitled “Without a path from protest to power, the Women’s March will end up like Occupy”,

“The only way to attain sovereignty – the supreme authority over the functioning of our government – is to use social protest to win elections or win wars. Either we can march to the ballot box or the battleground; there is no third option…I suspect the Women’s March on Washington has a role to play in this unfolding drama, but only if we cultivate a few moments of detachment from the thoughtless excitement to truly take time to consider this question: what happens on the day after the women march?”

Several close women friends of mine are going to DC. I applaud them. The excitement is palpable but the real march is the “long march” in the months and years ahead.

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Dick Conoboy

Jan 19, 2017

Tomorrow (20 January) I will watch none of this folderol on TV.  A day’s blackout of news is one way to speak to the media about their utter failure to keep American informed.  For them is reserved Bolgia 8 of Dante’s Malebolge, the Hell of the Fraudulent and Malicious. “Here, the fraudulent advisers or evil counsellors move about, hidden from view inside individual flames.” 


Tip Johnson

Jan 20, 2017

Occupy may have looked like a fizzle, but it did insert some important memes into the social dialog.  So there is a third way.  Meme upon meme, leading to the recognition of constraint, cognitive dissonance and homeorhetic change. It’s about trajectory.

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