George W and the Pentagon are absolutely insane

Byy On

They are proposing a future’s market on terrorism, assassinations, atrocities and war. These guys figure out a way to make money on most anything. So this is their vision of the future - war for profit. Make routine and predictable the process of government violence. Some will make a killing. Some will be killed. Like corn or wheat futures, some will make money. Indeed, insiders to violence will stand to make more money, thus encouraging people to make friends with .. with.. you finish that sentence.

The war on Iraq was bogus. The same folks who wanted to impeach Clinton for 8 words of lies about a blow job, now belittle 16 words of lies about starting a war, destroying a country and killing thousands, including hundreds of American service men and women. Anticipating future wars, they want to make it profitable for investors. Like all betting scenarios, this would naturally involve fraud and corruption. Buy a future on an assassination and then pay the hit team to make it happen.

These guys are warped. They have no clothes. Bush has no brains. He is a puppet for evil forces who have taken over our government. He was not elected. This futures market for terrorism is on the face evidence - proof - that these guys are nuts. Bonkers. If anyone cannot see the pure insanity of this then they also have been become so warped as to not have a grip on reality anymore.

NASA lost its grip on reality and figured that pieces of the Space Shuttle falling off during launch and hitting other parts were just routine. They considered and rejected having the craft photographed because they decided they would not be able to do anything about it if they did discover damage. They had no rescue plan, although now, after the tragedy, they realize they could have run another shuttle up to rescue the doomed crew. NASA learned nothing - nothing - from the 1986 Challenger disaster. Rocket scientists can also be dumb.

Just as NASA eventually was faced with the consequences of slowly going institutionally insane - ignoring reality - and suffered disaster, so will our USA face disaster unless we face reality and quit spoofing ourselves that our leaders must know what they are doing because they are our leaders. That is a circular argument. We citizens are in charge of our country and our destiny. We have to recognize insanity when we see it and put a stop to it. Else we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We cannot blame an idiot like Bush. He is just a pawn. Evil forces will always find pawns.

We are accountable for our own destiny. We either think and act or accept a terrible fate.

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