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SSA running push poll on Gateway Terminal?

SSA running push poll on Gateway Terminal?

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I just got a call from a polling firm in the Midwest asking a series of leading questions on SSA's proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal.  The tipoff came when the pollster described the terminal as a "multimodal shipping facility" handling a long list of bulk products staring with grain that just happened to include coal as the final item on her list.  Another of the questions was did I support this as a way of creating new jobs?  The rest was in a similar vein.

From the way the questions were structured, it seemed very clear the purpose of the poll was to enhance support for the Gateway project.

Who could possibly be paying for this polling and what will be done with the results?

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John Watts

Aug 03, 2011

I received a call on August 1 at 2:44PM from this number: 253 348-9202. [Area Code crescent from Auburn to Federal Way, south of Seattle]
Two questions; Was I aware of the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal, and was I in favor of it or against.

Obviously, a nervous young man, unsure of what to ask and how to phrase it, awkward sign-off.
My answers were yes, then no.

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Doug Starcher

Aug 03, 2011

I get 3 to 5 call a day (call log) with 1 or 2 blank messages from 253-348-9202. I did get a LONG poll from that # a month ago. 2 of my neighbors mentioned getting the same call as John W in the last day. Starting to piss a lot of people off…................


Helen Brandt

Aug 04, 2011

I received a call a couple days ago asking me to answer questions about the Gateway Pacific Terminal. I declined to answer questions. Don’t know who the caller was. Figured it was SSA trying to get a feel for public opinion in order to plan their PR.


Bob Simmons

Aug 15, 2011

Had a similar call a couple of weeks ago. A woman asked how I felt about the Gateway Pacific Terminal. I asked her to tell me more about it. She obviously was unnerved by the question. She said “We’re going to be bringing in more trains,”  then a pause, and “We’re going to be bringing in more revenue, and jobs.” I asked her who she was working for. She said “A third party seeking public opinion on the Gateway Pacific Terminal.”  I asked “Who is the third party?”  She replied “I do not have that information.”  I asked “who is paying you?”  She answered\. “I do not have that information.”  I asked “You don’t know who you work for?” and she hung up.

Bob Simmons

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