From The Political Junkie: Jay Inslee comes to Whatcom County

Byy On

Congressman and rumored Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Inslee came to speak at the Whatcom Democrats monthly membership meeting. He spoke about being optimistic for the future, the strong and courageous budget battles being played out in Washington, DC and his values as a statesman. You can watch his full speech in its YouTube glory here or embeded at my blog here

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Rob Stratton

Apr 24, 2011

I don’t want Inslee as a governor I didn’t even like him as an art teacher…..haha.

I perused his voting record, looks like he votes party lines mostly and is a supporter of almost anything that makes the government larger.

I really wish our “representatives” would take a gander at the constution and read both the federalist and the anti federalist papers on how and what our federal government and representatives true role is supposed to be.

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