Forums and blogging and pits, oh my!

The Herald does not even follow its own mandates. On Sunday, the editorial said the candidates “...must address 6 big issues.” Must. Then they sent out their own list of 8 questions to council candidates and addressed only one of those 6 ‘must’ issues. Did not even go near the other 5. Growth was the only issue common to both. Candidates have till July 23 to return their answers. This is a bare week before voting begins. Will the answers be printed? Maybe not. The Herald told the candidates they will post the answers online.

KGMI will interview a mayoral-candidate-a-day next week from 8 to 9 am on the Brett and Debbie show. Mon - Dan McShane; Tue - Seth Fleetwood; Wed - Dan Pike; Thur - Bob Ryan; Fri - Don Keenan. 790 on the AM dial.

KVOS-TV is apparently taping the mayoral candidates for broadcast in early August. They are doing this in conjunction with Tim Johnson of the Weekly.

The Department of Ecology has finally posted their Draft Consent Decree for the ‘cleanup’ of Whatcom Waterway. It is huge, confusing and hard to read the maps online as they are small. It is almost hidden without info on the DOE home page. You can download the 7-page ‘Fact Sheet’ which is conveniently on NwCitizen (moved a copy here from the DOE) The public hearing is on Wed, Aug 8, 6:30 to 9 pm at the Cruise Terminal. Of course no notice in today’s Herald on this. This is just the toxic pit of our city and county that has been killing us for decades and with enough poison to continue killing us for decades.

You know, I’ve got a question - for someone in the corporate media. We have all read and heard how irresponsible bloggers are - and how damaging to the accurate reporting of news the rise of blogging has become. Ok, if so, then why are all these reporters and editors starting blogs? What do they need with a blog - since they control the editorial pages and the radio waves? What are they going to tell us in a blog that they cannot tell us with their commercial media?

Methinks the answer is not in any desire to communicate information but is driven by commercial needs to get ads online. So - they tell Scott to blog. And Scott is not sure what in hell he is supposed to write about. During the two-plus years that I was publisher of Whatcom Independent - Nov 2003 to Aug 2006 - this website pretty much stayed away from local issues. The Indy covered only local and state issues and so I commented on national issues here. But the idea of blogging in competition with my own publication would have been counterproductive. So - why are editors stooping to become irreputable bloggers that they supposedly scorn?

This Evening - Candidate Forum - this Thursday, July 12, 7 to 9 pm, at the Bloedel Donovan Multipurpose Room - out at Lake Whatcom. Door is open at 6:30. This is sponsored by the Silver Beach Neighborhood Association. Lake Whatcom Reservoir is the topic of the forum. Apparently the 3 At-Large primary candidates are not included in this forum. Very strange.

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