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The USA try and stop the Mid East war? Don’t kid yourself. We are air-shipping more bombs to Israel - bombs that will help destroy the city of Beirut and kill more civilians - women and children. No mention on CNN, Fox, or MSNBC. But the NY Times has the story. Gee - the US promoting the brutal bombing of civilian apartment buildings. This is what we have become.

What is different with this war? In 1948, Israel was attacked. It was attacked first in 1967 and 1973. This time Israel attacked first. The excuse was two soldiers were captured. And that is just an excuse. Maybe even set up. We will be 30 years learning the truth. Israel wants to destroy its neighbors. That you can take to the bank. And is now doing so with our USA eager assistance. What a country. Bush and gang are having a lot of fun playing war. And US military industries are reaping the profits.

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