Fluoride in water is medicine

We found the nerve endings. The fluoride proponents don’t like the word “medicine” as used in the June 16 post below. Of course fluoride in water is just that - medicine. Medicine that is supposedly harmless for the majority of drinkers of public water and beneficial for a minority.

Sloppy logic is used to get around issues. Chlorine in water is needed to kill germs and keep our water basically safe. It is not in the water for any other purpose. If we did not need the chlorine - or if some less-dangerous chemical worked - then we would not put it in our water. But the fluoride proponents try and equate fluoride as no different from chlorine. The purpose is different - one is for safety and the other is for medicinal purposes - but they talk around this and refuse to answer yes or no on the question. Amazing. They really think they know what is best for the us. And avoid the basic issues. And claim honesty. Such arrogance.

Whenever I post something, a certain number of people write or tell me something like “I’ve read your site for years with respect. But you have really disappointed me with this post and I no longer respect you.” Sigh. They cannot disagree - they have to insult. With the fluoride post, this has doubled.

If a web page somewhere posts information in favor of fluoridation and makes sense - or even keeps its logic intact - then I’ll post a link to it. It has to be succinct, clear, well written and to the point. Let’s see if such a web page even exists.

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