Got your attention? Time magazine has an article this week about our Bellingham fight over whether or not to put fluoride in our drinking water. It is worth reading.

I think putting this medicine in our drinking water is almost criminal. Outside corporate money is pouring into Bellingham to push this issue. Some do-gooder local doctors and dentists are pushing this with no idea of how they violate their oath to “do no harm”. Even if a little fluoride is beneficial to teeth, too much causes a serious disease in teeth - and too much is not much for kids who routinely drink tap water during the day.

Vote no on this. Even if you personally think it will do good, you have no right to force others to take your drug of choice. The most absurd scene for me is to watch wealthy folks say it will be good for poor children. This from people who pay more attention to their tennis dates and whether they should buy a new car than whether or not some poor kid has an education.

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