Ferndale volunteers build kids playground

Over 2,000 volunteers have just built a new playground in six days. We do a photo story.

Over 2,000 volunteers have just built a new playground in six days. We do a photo story.

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The photos should tell the story.  Starting last Tuesday morning, volunteers started building a children's playground next to Pioneer Park on Ferndale's south side.  Its name is Star Park. Sunday evening they dedicated and opened it. No speechs.  First a show of hands from all who had helped and then a countdown to a couple hundred kids joyously running into the new playground to try out all the fun toys. 

We cannot do justice to it here and so are linking to other websites with more info, videos and photos.  A tip of our hat to all the folks in Ferndale for a superbly done community project.  And to our old blogger friend Riley Sweeney, now communications director for the city.  He played a significant role in making this a success. 

Hope you enjoy.

City of Ferndale Star Park page - the name for this playground. 

Facebook city of Ferndale website

Bellingham Herald article - with video and photos

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Tim Paxton

Jun 06, 2016

What a great story and effort for the kids of Ferndale.  The pictures tell the story well.  Looks like a great team effort we can all be proud of too. Thanks John.

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