Facing the abyss

Byy On
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So now the US is crawling to the UN asking for help in Iraq. And asking France and Germany to help. George W and his Neo-conservatives are facing the abyss - defeat and humiliation.

Gentle reader, you read it here last March and April - how we should turn to the UN at that time of the military victory and how our old friend France would yet be needed to save us from our own stupidity.

My hope is Howard Dean and General Clark will be the democratic candidates for President and Vice President next year at this time. We will elect them. Between now and then expect GW to stumble into a few more tragedies and use them to pound the lectern and yell how we need to keep him in office.

I’d like to see a split screen TV video of GW on one side and Mussolini on the other, each giving a speech. They have similar hand and jaw movements. Remember from your history how Italy invaded Ethiopia in the 1930s thinking it would be an easy victory over a backward nation? Italy was thrown out.

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