Electromagnetic Radiation: Who’s Looking Out for You?

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Last month, a Superior Court judge in Montreal, Quebec, ordered three Canadian tobacco companies to pay over $15 billion in damages to Quebec smokers. The judgment was the largest in Canadian legal history. In its decision, the court held that, “By choosing not to inform either public health authorities or the public directly of what they knew, the tobacco companies chose profits over the health of their customers.”

Given the certainty of appeal, it is unlikely that many of the estimated one million affected smokers will receive their $30,000-$80,000 windfall from Big Tobacco anytime soon. What is certain is that this judgment is reflective of the trend in both Canadian and American jurisprudence to hold corporations liable for the production, sale and distribution of hazardous products, even those that are completely legal and on whom governments rely for tax revenue. The judgment also represented a disregard for the time-honored legal defense of “assumption of risk.” Evolving science and technology continue to play an increasing role in court decisions and monetary damage awards that would have been unheard of just a decade ago.

I’ll make my own decisions on whether or not to smoke. And if I do, I won’t expect a payday from the tobacco companies if I develop health problems. Smoking is a risk that I can choose to assume, which was the main argument from the Canadian tobacco companies in the Quebec case. Apparently not a persuasive one, given the $15 billion judgment against them.

However, I do expect my government to take reasonable steps to protect my health and safety from the acts of others that I cannot avoid. Electromagnetic radiation from the proposed Point Roberts radio towers is a case in point.

For over two years, the citizens of Point Roberts and neighboring Tsawwassen, British Columbia, have been waging a protracted and expensive legal battle to prevent the construction of five 150 foot radio towers on the Point Roberts peninsula. The towers would broadcast at 50,000 watts, 24 hours a day. The matter is now before the Superior Court in Skagit County, with a decision to allow or prohibit construction expected this fall.

If the towers are permitted and become operational, the citizens of Point Roberts and Tsawwassen will be exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on a continuous basis. In terms of risk to human health, EMR from radio towers may be the most insidious as they greatly exceed the power levels from cellular towers, FM radio and television. AM radio waves from towers travel horizontally through the air and along the ground, penetrating trees, walls of homes, human tissue and anything else in their path. If you live near a tower, there is no way of avoiding this risk, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for as long as you occupy your home.

EMR has been linked to increased risks of leukemia in children, even in those living over one mile away. In Point Roberts and Tsawwassen, there are over 3300 school-age children within range of the EMR these towers will produce. For a detailed account of the health effects from radio towers, see the articles posted here.

Unfortunately, neither the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) nor Industry Canada have addressed growing citizen concerns over the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The primary function of these bureaucracies is permitting. Research into the effect of prolonged exposure to radio waves on human health is not a high priority. It should be. For recent scientific opinion, see the articles posted here.

Like tobacco 50 years ago, radio waves are considered relatively harmless by government regulators. If the FCC was really doing its job, they would be reviewing the growing body of research on EMR and the adverse effects on public health. Sadly, their advocacy is weak and their standards of measurement outdated. If these radio towers are built, the residents of Point Roberts and Tsawwassen will be unwilling test subjects for the near and long term effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Unlike the activist judiciary in Quebec, the regulatory bureaucracies in the United States and Canada have largely ignored the threat to public health that is part of their government mandate. They are not looking out for us. And unlike tobacco, electromagnetic radiation is a risk that we, and our children, cannot avoid.

For additional information and updates on the continuing radio tower fight in Point Roberts, see our facebook page: No RadioTowers Tsawwassen, or visit our website at: www.notowers.webs.com

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Luba Pekisheva

Jul 15, 2015

Thank you for shining a light on the danger of EMR towers, this insane project is a real outrage. As nervous as leaving these decisions at the mercy of fallible judges makes me feel, I’m so grateful for all the courageous hard-working people who persevere to prevent the towers from being built.

Please keep us posted and let us know how we can be of help. What’s the Skagit Co case # of the action pending now (I’m not on Facebook)?
I sure hope the judge on that case is impartial, able to process the scientific evidence, and respects the precautionary principle. Finding credible, deep-thinking, non-money centric judges and scientists can sure be daunting.
Is anything about this project, and Industry Canada’s decisions, actionable in Canadian courts? From the periodic scathing rulings about all matter of governmental abuse I hear about on CBC, Canadian judges seem to be more honest.

There are also good links about effects of EMR in Truthout and related articles about Navy War Games in the Olympic Peninsula, incl. Olympic National Park. Bellingham area is also among the other places in the NW the supersonic planes will fly over. As far as I know, citizens have really mobilized and the State denied the permit for now. If the Games are ever allowed, much more radiation than was ever studied will be emitted.


John Lesow

Jul 16, 2015

Thank you Luba

This matter is now before the Superior Court of Skagit County
No. 15-2-00326-0
In the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and For the County of Skagit
BBC Broadcasting, Inc.,
Whatcom County
and BBC Holdings, Inc., as Contract Successor in Interest to Gurdial S. Badh and Narinder Kaur Badh, and POINT ROBERTS CONSERVATION SOCIETY,  Additional Parties
No. 15-2-00326-0


Beverly Adler

Jul 22, 2015

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is using the very outdated “thermal heating” standard to determine if electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is safe.  Recent research on cellular changes with EMR exposure shows that EMR has serious health risks much below thermal heating.  Dr. Martin Blank, PhD a prominent researcher on cellular changes and EMR concludes that continuous exposure to EMR would predispose an individual to the accumulation of DNA damage and the development of cancer.

In May, 2015, 201 scientists from 40 countries issued an appeal to the UN and WHO urging stricter standards to protect the public from non-ionizing electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure.  These scientists list the EMF effects on human health as: increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damage, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders,changes in the reproductive system and negative impacts on general well being.

Five AM radio antennas are proposed to be built in Point Roberts, 1000 feet away from 23,000 people living in Tsawwassen, BC. These powerful 50,000 watt radio antennas  will subject Tsawwassen families and their children to constant, high levels of EMR. This would create serious health risks and is a very high price to pay for the 23,000 people in Tsawwassen. Both Canadian and  FCC standards for locating radio antennas away from dense populations are violated with these proposed antennas.  These antennas would pose a public health risk.
Beverly Alder, Tsawwassen, BC

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