Election Tallying Day notes

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A few of us at NwCitizen want to do some post-election analysis on how the campaigning went down. For that, we need to examine as many of the different cards and mailings as possible. If you have some unusual ones - or ones you think are late hit pieces - please consider saving them for us.

We have heard of totally different mailings for the same candidate going to city and rural voters. We would like to learn if this happened. We have heard of private mailings not from the candidates going out. We would like to read them and see what points are made and by whom. This election has brought us a lot of tips and concerns. We would like to sift through it and report our findings here.

If you can help, we would appreciate it. There are a couple ways to get them to us.

1. I’ll be at the courthouse this evening from 8 to 9 pm. Just bring them to me.

2. Mail them to my PO Box 4234, Bellingham, WA 98225

3. If you know one of the writers, see if they will pass them on to me.

4. Email me the info and we’ll arrange for me to get them. john@nwcitizen.us


The Bellingham Herald is still ignoring common journalist courtesies by not acknowledging news first printed elsewhere. Bob Simmons had an excellent article on Oct 26 on Crosscut.com about Fairhaven Highlands and Horizon Bank. Today the Herald ran an article by their reporter that mimics Bob’s article from start to finish - and with no attribution to Bob’s article. A common practice at the Herald.

When NwCitizen scoops young Sam Taylor, he refers to it as “rumors” and then prints the story as his. The Herald does not recognize online sites, blogs and weekly newspapers as news media. Sam likes to tell others he never looks at NwCitizen, but five different Herald staffers have told me he checks it daily. It is obvious the Herald got the idea for their story from the Crosscut article. What is surprising is they did not go beyond the Crosscut article in their article; it is just a rewording of Crosscut. No new reporting or investigation into the facts. Their reporter did his own calling but went no further than did Bob Simmons.

Larry Horowitz has provided some very insightful articles here about Horizon and their development plans. Last week he posted a short notice and link to Bob Simmons’ article the same day Crosscut posted it. In the past we have linked to other articles in publications we thought worthwhile for our readers. We will continue to try to provide readers with reliable information about local issues. And it will be our own work - or articles by others that we link to. It’s a well established journalism courtesy.

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Comments by Readers

Paul deArmond

Nov 04, 2009

The election results show the attempted framing of the election as slates of bloc candidates didn’t play with the voters.

Some incumbents came up short, which is big news in any election these days.

My first impression, looking a collection of the campaign literature is the advertising was remarkably off point.  Not having issues and positions got the voters assessing the candidates as individuals.  Money obviously played a role in exposure, but some of that exposure was framed by the negative tone of much of the late material.

The port races will be most interesting to examine from a financial perspective.  My guess is that the voting population has changed enough that targeted mailings don’t work as well as mailing everybody.  This makes the size of budgets influential, compared to grass-roots volunteer organizing.

There’s six to eight weeks before enough of the financial and precinct analysis will bear fruit.  Late money will show then and the final budgets will allow some comparison.  It’s not just about amounts, but sources and how it was played.

One topic that kept recurring in conversations last night was how this election will effect the next county exec race.  That’s a long ways down the road and there will be a congressional mid-term first.

As the vote totals finally come in, the immediate question is what happened this election.  The long delay before the final count has meant media coverage usually stopped at who won.  Maybe we can work out some of the how and why.