Election Forums

The first of three Bellingham Herald Election Forums is taking place this evening at the County Council chambers.

The forums are being broadcast live on KGMI radio, 790 AM. You can see the video cameras from Comcast Cable taping for later broadcast on Channel 26. I’ll post the schedule when it is made available.

9:00 am
Tom Pratum, local environmental liberal, today in a letter to the editor in the Herald, recommends we re-elect all the old city liberals, including Mark Asmundson. Pratum cites Don Hansey’s record to justify his blanket endorsement of Terry Borneman and Mark and the other liberals.

Problem is, Mayor Mark Asmundson has a terrible 8-year record on environmental protection of Lake Whatcom. Pratum overlooks that. Bonner is open to taking strong measures to protect our lake. Asmundson discovered the importance of clean water sometime in July of this summer. If re-elected, we can expect him to forget the issue on November 5. With Bonner we at least have a chance.

If you are concerned about Lake Whatcom, then keep an open mind on Bonner.

Pratum is locked into the liberal elite who will not take a critical view of their own. Terry Borneman is a strong Democratic Party leader in Whatcom County but has a terrible record on the environment and protection of neighborhoods. But liberals like Pratum are blind and deaf when it comes to the environmental shortcomings of Democrats.

Look at their records. Question them on their records. Terry and Mark come up very short. Whether their opponents will do better or worse is another question. We should listen to them before deciding. They might do much better protecting our drinking water than the Democrats have. It certainly wouldn’t take much for them to do better.

Bellingham Herald Election Forum
Tue, Wed and Thur, 7 pm till 10 pm
Sep 30, Oct 1 and 2
At Whatcom County Courthouse - Council chambers
KGMI has confirmed to me that they will broadcast live.

Lunch Time Soapbox Forums
Mark your calendar
Wed & Thur, Oct 8 & 9
Wed & Thur, Oct 15 & 16
Downtown Bellingham - debate format with all local candidates
Easy to print schedule is posted

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