Letter: Eddy Ury Support

Judith Akins writes about her choice for Whatcom County Council.

Judith Akins writes about her choice for Whatcom County Council.

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Eddy Ury is the person who Whatcom County Council needs at this critical time for our county as we plan for the impacts of climate change and population growth. Eddy has developed into an outstanding leader in the community over the many years I have had the privilege of knowing him. He has delivered community-driven results for our economy and environment. 

As an experienced policy leader, Eddy has crafted policy cooperatively with stakeholders and has resolved conflicts with opposing groups leading to plans that everyone could take positive ownership of.

Eddy will bring bold and innovative leadership to the County Council. He has worked with industry and unions to create rules for development at Cherry Point that protect our environment and support jobs. On the Climate issue, Eddy has been advocating for climate action in Whatcom County throughout the last decade. He led public engagement in state and municipal policy-making and industrial permitting processes to support the clean energy transition and to protect public health and Salish Sea ecosystems from hazardous coal and oil projects. He served on the statewide steering committee of the Climate Alliance for Jobs & Clean Energy.  2016 Eddy proposed the creation of the Climate Impact Advisory Committee to Whatcom County Council, and supported the committee's work as an informational contributor for years before becoming an appointed member in 2021.

Please join me in giving Whatcom County Council a new member that will be ready to lead on Day 1. Vote for Eddy Ury this November. 


Judith Akins


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