Doug Ericksen Continues to Attack Working People

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In the final weeks before the election, Doug Ericksen continues to display his disdain for the hard-working people of Whatcom County. Frequent readers might remember my report in September about Doug Ericksen's plan to dismantle our unions. Despite his campaign's attempt to spin that away, he has come out again in the Whatcom Watch as being anti-working people.

Whatcom Watch: "Do you support County employees’ right to organize? Do you support unionized county employees’ right to strike? Why?"
Doug Ericksen: Yes, state law allows County employees to organize. No, I do not believe it is legal for public employees to strike under current state law.

First, note the language. He was asked if he supported their right and he grudgingly says, well it is legal, but . . . But that isn't even nearly as insulting as the second part. He does not believe in the legal right of public employees to strike. Yes, some specific employees (like police or firefighters) are forbidden from striking, but for many employees it is still a perfectly legal option. Working people have the right to see their grievances addressed. Apparently not in Doug Ericksen's eyes.

In Ericksen's view, it is just fine if working people get together, but they better not fight back. To deny our public employees the ability to strike is to cripple working people's ability to push back against management.

Furthermore, Doug Ericksen is already issuing demands to county employees (published on the Herald's blog here,) discussing his plans to layoff and outsource many of our essential county services. It is shockingly arrogant for Doug to start "measuring the drapes" a good three weeks before any vote is counted.

With this total lack of respect for working people, it is no surprise that Doug Ericksen has a lifetime record of 18% from the Washington State Labor Council. 18% is pitiful. Just shameful. Doug Ericksen's extreme views have no place in Whatcom County politics and I hope this November, the voters will make that crystal clear.

For more information about Doug Ericksen, check out my article about Doug threatening to arrest a journalist or his plans to dismantle our county unions.

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