Defund WHAT?

Vote for what you like. I like libraries.

Vote for what you like. I like libraries.


Happy Halloween, all.  The ghouls are out and mischief is afoot.  Beware!

There's a spate of GOP TV ads and mailers targeting Democrats for defunding the police.  Except, they didn’t, actually. 

Nevertheless, the attacks are on and Republicans continue to blame an increase in violent crime on Dems. It’s really not clear if increased crime is even true.

Meanwhile, GOP operatives have gone to some sketchy lengths to make these ads look more convincing.

Don’t take my word for it.  Just google “GOP defund ads”.  Unless you think everything is fake news.

However, it was the GOP that unanimously voted against additionally funding first responders.

Republicans have widely advocated defunding the FBI.

Even Chris Wallace on Fox “News” questioned how the GOP vote against funding the police squared with their talking points on crime.

Some political factions have definitely advocated for Defunding, but the policy developing from those calls have generally translated into reforms adding resources for situations where cops are not the first best choice. Cops and cop agencies agree.

So I am not impressed with the GOP talking points on crime.  I think it is, as Joe Biden might say, “Malarkey”.

After voting against funding the police, Republicans want to defund just about everything else. Just look this stuff up.

They want to defund Medicare, Medicaid and health care in general.

They want to defund Social Security.

They want to defund, besides the FBI, the IRS.

They want to defund education.

They want to defund libraries.

What? Libraries?

I’m not voting for any party that wants to defund libraries!

I’m not even really a Democrat, but that’s it.  I’m done with the GOP.

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Comments by Readers

Randy Petty

Nov 01, 2022

Awesome Tip… I’d like to see your articles more often.


Satpal Sidhu

Nov 01, 2022

Facts are a powerful tool to open people’s minds.


David A. Swanson

Nov 01, 2022

Hooray, Tip. I actually worked on John Spellman’s gubernatiorial campaign in 1980 and, of, course, voted for him, even though I was a Democrat. I simply thought he was a far better choice than Dixie Lee Ray. Over time, as the Republican party started purging the ranks and consolidated its ideology into “fund nothing,”“guns and babies for all,”  and “whine, whine, whine” I decided I could never again vote for any republican. I not only like having police, EMTs and libraries around, but I really, really liked the GI Bill and hope funding for it continues for veterans who came after me along with all the other VA benefits the whiners would “de-fund.”


Jon Humphrey

Nov 02, 2022

I’m not sure whose argument this strengthens, but as I’ve explored in my articles the Corporate Democrats are total warmongers that hate most of the population just like their opponents. Rick Larsen loves that money from Lockheed Martin (maker of the Triton D5 Submarine Based Nuclear Missile) and more. And guess who loves Larsen? Shewmake and her whole crew.  
Shewmake and her pals are against real public broadband solutions and all of the social, environomental and economic benefits they bring. Plus they love creating homeless people by backing unaffordable housing.
But wait, there’s more, Black Lives DO NOT MATTER to the local Corporate Democrats either. How do we know? Because they all supported the police purchasing a 2nd tank! A tank! Not more training, to keep them from abusing people of color as the police still do nationwide disproportionately, but a tank!
So yeah, the Corporate Democrats didn’t defund the police. They armed them to the teeth with tanks, machine guns, and cyanide tipped armor piercing bullets because they don’t care about us just like their opponents. Oh, and no significant new training for the police either.
So yeah, I have no party allegiance. Just look at the facts. The Shewmake Democrats are just as blood thirsty as their opponents. Also, it’s hilarious for Satpal Sidhu to weigh in on “the truth” when he has lied his way through the entire broadband argument. Clear proof that he doesn’t care about people of color or the poor either who are disproportionately affected by lack of real broadband solutions. Oh, and he’s all about that unaffordable housing and doing next to nothing about flooding in the Nooksack Valley too. There’s some truth Satpal. Both parties suck and have abused this community. And both love militarized police forces. They can’t get enough of it.



Tip Johnson

Nov 03, 2022

Maybe so, Jon, but Dems don’t defund libraries. 


Jon Humphrey

Nov 04, 2022

Yet, the Dems. don’t defund libraries yet. 
This is always the BS choice that we have at election time here in Whatcom County. In essence we have a lot of mini Trump vs. Clinton choices.
It’s not like the Dems. are overly generous either. Our libraries don’t even have gigabit fiber connections yet County Wide.  
So, you can have an underfunded library or no library at all.
You can have an inadequate minimum wage or no minimum wage at all.
Not to mention that they refuse to replace taxes on our necessities, like property which they overvalue using a totally made up system called fair market value, with a more just income tax. 
South Park describes the choices we have on in this clip. Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich. 
So make your choice. Almost no real progress vs. no progress. 
Here’s the clip:

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