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Jack Petree has a master piece of deceptive writing in today's Bellingham Herald. It slams environmental concerns in our county planning. No doubt the Herald will allow some modest reply from some local writer. But not a killer reply.

If some knowledgeable writer would like to rebut Jack, I would be pleased to post it here on Northwest Citizen. I'll even post more than one if they are effective and hard hitting. I don't know enough about the issues and the details to counter. But I know enough to see through Jack's writing.

Jack has long written articles that serve the goals of the local BIAW. He loves to slam those who are concerned about careful planning and, as this article shows, he turns the catch phrases on their heads. Thus while he suggests low cost housing belongs in the county, he then says providing low cost housing in the city will raise commute distances. All in one graph. Inane. And normal for Jack's writing.

Contact me if you want to tackle this. Often in the past it seems that his writing goes unanswered and this needs to stop. Surely there are a few good environmental writers who have followed the county planning process and can rebut Jack in a solid manner. Contact me at

Below is a link to the Jack's article in the Herald.

And feel free to comment on Jack's article - as a supplement to the comments on the Herald site. Plus these comments will not disappear behind the firewalls in a few days as the ones at the Herald do.

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Comments by Readers

David Camp

Aug 14, 2010

Deception and misdirection is how groups like the BIA trick people into acting against their own interests. And this article is a pretty good example of deceptive propaganda - I had to read it twice to figure out that most of the references to ending sprawl, for example, were just a smokescreen to accomplish exactly the opposite - ensuring that sprawl would continue into the obscenely large urban growth areas the author is advocating for.

The Herald would be a better paper if it ran less muck from graduates of the Goebbels school of journalism.


John Lesow

Aug 15, 2010

I am submitting a response to the Bellingham Herald tomorrow

and will also post same on this blog

John Lesow


Jack Petree

Aug 20, 2010

I don’t know what he is talking about but I know he is wrong because he is Jack Petree.


By the way, please point to something I’ve written that went unanswered.