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Mayor Dan Pike sat down recently with Sheri Ward, the editor of our local Whatcom Independent weekly newspaper. She had a list of very topical questions regarding his first three months as our mayor. When Dan appeared at the City Club luncheon in late February, he fielded about a dozen or more questions after his speech but did not really give any direct answers to the questions. Indeed, the first comment of every person I spoke with after the lunch related to his sliding sideways on questions - the only difference being whether it was all the questions or only most of them. Dan provided good information and insights but avoided the hard questions from his very savvy audience.

With Sheri he was much more candid and open. Perhaps he felt more comfortable in a sit down interview or perhaps her skill as an interviewer helped draw him out. I asked Sheri how the interview came about and it turns out Dan Pike called her upon his election and scheduled four interviews spaced out over his first year. I know from working on his campaign that he intended to do this for all our local media outlets and so it is good to learn he has followed through. He offered the same to Northwest Citizen but I declined because this website does not try to be a news outlet. It is a venue for citizen voices.

Below is a link to the full 4,000 word interview posted online at the Indy’s website. What is running in today’s printed Indy is only 4 questions while the full interview has 18. Sheri said that Dan came across very naturally and genuine with no seemingly “canned answers”. The full interview provides new information on how Dan Pike thinks and perceives himself in his new job as our mayor. A good read. And, I might add, I think we have a good mayor.

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Dick Conoboy

Mar 14, 2008

As you might expect in my role as Zonemaven, I was most interested in the Mayor’s response to the question on the so-called “rule of three” as it applies to single family zoning.  I fear some hesitation by the Mayor on the subject of enforcing the single family zoning code in spite of his campaign promise to do so.  His focusing on issues such as noise, litter and parking are bad medicine, tantamount to treating mere symptoms of a disease in hopes for a cure. It would be a mistake on the Mayor’s part to let enforcement of zoning codes fall by the wayside while the council “studies”, yet again, the issue with the concomitant weeping and gnashing of the teeth of the landlords. See my complete comments on the Mayor’s answers on my blog at http://www.zonemaven.blogspot.com.

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