Congressional Candidates and Overstreet’s Town Hall

The Political Junkie has been pretty busy these last couple of days.

First up, four of candidates running for Congress in the 1st District attended the Whatcom Democrats' monthly meeting at the Norway Hall in Bellingham on Thursday. I was on hand to both film the proceedings and offer up my impressions with the Candidates. You can read that here:

First Brush with the 1st Congressional Candidates

Second, on Saturday aternoon, I drove out to Lynden High School to attend Rep. Overstreet, Buys and Sen. Ericksen's townhall meeting. I recount the good, the bad and the shocking in my latest post here:

Dispatch from Rep. Overstreet's Town Hall

Publisher Servais note: Riley Sweeney continues to provide us all with a sharp political viewpoint - and a very useful one. For a while we were posting his articles here and on his Political Junkie blog - but we think it best for him to post there and we recommend many of his articles from here. NWCitizen is very open to linking to other good local political websites - and in the future, will be linking more to articles that we think are worth the while of anyone trying to keep up with local politics.

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