Conclusive election results are now in

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Don Hansey has out-polled Sheri Ward and will face Terry Borneman for city council representative from the 5th Ward. Terry polled only 44% and probably faces a stiff race to retain his seat. Don is too conservative for the city in normal times. This year, Terry may be hurt by his close ties to mayor Mark. Terry would have trouble showing where he has not supported Mark on a vote by the city council. Don has a savvy political team working for him.

Mayor Mark has received only 28% of the vote from the city wide election, with Brett Bonner getting 31% even with three other challengers in the race. We need to pay attention to what issues Brett brings up and how Mark responds. For Mark to try out new issues would only further his reputation for duplicity.

This website is openly backing Brett and has been since he announced in May. Brett is an inclusive candidate who will deal fairly with all groups and all persons. He has a decent respect for the opinions of others, something Mark has long ago lost.

Jim Jorgensen has 48% of the vote in his quest for Port Commissioner. Ginny Benton could not get even half that with only 23%. This website fully endorses Jim.

Let the campaigns begin. I’ll do my best to bring you info and perspective that you cannot get from the Herald and the Weekly. This is a spare-time endeavor, so my posts will not be regularly scheduled.

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