Clayton Beach Vandalism - Again

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Yes, the park ranger at Larrabee State Park has been notified and sent some of these photos. Tim Paxton, a contributor to this site, enjoys strolls on the beach and found these yesterday. He says they were sprayed on between July 1 and July 11. Last time - a year or two ago - a huge volunteer group, with guidance from park rangers, managed to erase the graffiti. In truth, graffiti can be legitimate and okay - but not when used to deface other art and beauty.

We have posted four photos, courtesy of Tim. Click the one above and then click to the sides of the photo to scroll and see the others.

Sad. No excuse that it was a result of drinking or some such. The cans of spray paint were brought to the beach by someone. For the purpose of hurting public natural areas.

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Tim Paxton

Jul 14, 2017

Update.    Amber, the parks manager for Larrabee  State Park replied quickly via email that she would have a Parks department crew down to Clayton beach to clean up the latest spray paint vandalism. So, congratulations for Amber and her team.

Another graffitti observer mused that it might be productive to put up some areas near the water front downtown with temporary plywood (spray painters canvas)  specifically for legal use by the artistic minded spray painters to  vent their urges to display.      Less damage to the beaches and more exposure for some of our talented outdoor artists. 

Every week, the plywood could get a new coat of paint and the next street spray paint artist can go to work.