CityView Apartment Development - Update III

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On July 19, 2019, Madrona Bay Real Estate Investments submitted to the city its development application for a large, 408 bed (dormitory style) apartment building at the northeast corner of Consolidation Ave and Nevada St. Since then, the city provided 120 days of extensions for the developer to respond to the city’s August 10th Notice of Incomplete Application (see file link to the notice below). Consequently, the developer of CityView has roughly until February 9th to furnish the city with a completed application. Once the revised plans are received, the city has 14 days to respond to the applicant. If the plans are considered complete by the city, the public has 14 days during which public comment is accepted. The decision then rests with the director of planning. (See also CityView Apartment Development - Update II)

There has been little indication from the developer regarding his plans to resubmit the overall application. Several neighbors on the east side of Nevada Street reported pink and purple ribbons on some of the trees on the tract in question. This is likely an arborist’s effort to identify to-be-preserved and hazardous trees as one of the incomplete application items identified by the planners. But the work of the arborist is only one of several requirements, among which is the adjustment of the non-conforming height of the building on the south end. For this reason, the developer may have changed the original plan of one large building to a complex with several buildings in order to answer the height limits, however, this change has not been confirmed.

The neighborhood fully expects that the developer will resubmit his application within the time frame provided by the multiple extensions and is fully prepared to submit extensive comments on the project.

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