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Chuckanut Ridge lawsuit finally ends

By On
• In Bellingham,

Chuckanut Ridge and the Chuckanut Community Forest live on!

The Commissioners of the Chuckanut Community Forest Park District were notified yesterday that the Washington Supreme Court denied the petition for review of the Appeals Court’s decision to uphold the creation of the Park District. The lawsuit is finally over.

As the attorney representing the Park District wrote to the commissioners, “This is final confirmation that a dedicated group of citizens successfully established a lawful means of forever preserving the Chuckanut Community Forest. Congratulations to all of you, and untold others.”

To the “untold others” who persevered when everyone else advised us we were wasting our time, thank you for your efforts. And a special thank you to the inimitable Joe Yaver who is celebrating this day in heaven. May he rest in peace.

A toast to Chuckanut Ridge!

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Comments by Readers

John Lesow

Mar 08, 2018


Thank you for your tribute to the indefatigable Joe Yaver !

Richly deserved !