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Four years ago today the ground invasion of Iraq started. George Bush used known false claims of danger to the US to justify the war. By early April the US had won a decisive war with total conquest of the country. At that moment we could have acted intelligently by working with the people of Iraq to restore order and establish a government. Instead, acting with hubris, the Bush administration squandered its chances and made strategic error upon error - inciting the Iraq people to start a guerrilla war against us. Juan Cole, the very respected Mid East expert, has listed the 'Top Ten Mistakes' in Iraq.

In early April of 2003, virtually all the media pundits had fun mocking those who were against the war. Fair has compiled a fun list of quotes by these still prominent talking heads. Lou Dobbs and Chris Mathews are shown to be very closed minded for supposedly being intellectuals. At NwCitizen on April 9, 2003, I also thought the war won - but did caution that we could blow our victory, which we promptly did. I prefer the March 19, 2003, post - and those earlier in March - for reference on how NwCitizen's credibility fares with the passage of time.

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