Casualty reports were fabricated by the US military

Byy On

and the US news media cooperated in the big lie. As the war ended around mid April, the truth was revealed but you probably did not read it anywhere.. About April 9, the US wounded was listed as 125. About April 12 it was suddenly 399. By April 16, the total was admitted to be 524. Expect that to climb further when it no longer matters for war propaganda purposes. Now - these casualties were all sustained earlier in the war - before April 9.

The Russian web site IRAQWAR.RU, courtesy of the Ramzaj group, provided truthful news reporting of the war - something we Americans supposedly support. Bush sent C. Rice to Moscow to get the site stopped. Accurate reporting of the war was not desired as it did not support the war effort. It is now reporting accurate news of our occupation of Iraq - which our American media are not doing.

What is my point? Simply that we Americans support propaganda as much as any other country, such as Hitler’s Germany, the old Soviet Union or today’s China. When faced with facts and truths that do not fit our desires, we suppress it. We are almost as quick as any country to suppress the truth in the interest of national goals. Goals set by the Bush administration.

Do you want to learn what is really happening? Then visit foreign web sites. There is a list on the right column. Don’t believe our American news media - print or TV. Do you realize how strongly the Iraqis want us out of their country? How strongly they are demonstrating? Not just a few isolated events. And we gun them down. Now. This week. Our media deny it, distort it or bury it.

Iraqi Freedom? You can fool yourself and feel good if you want by only paying attention to American media. Or you can read foreign media and learn that we are in Iraq only for our own reasons - not for the Iraqi people. Check out the links on the right column. Let me know of a good one that you find and I’ll list it.

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