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Cascadia News Now: Murphy, Bostrum and Layton

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In light of the recent demise of The Joe Show, Northwest Citizen is going to start sharing their local political radio journalism to help them reach a broader audience. While a radio show is a different format than you are used to here on Northwest Citizen, we hope you benefit from the insight provided. - John Servais

Cascadia News Now is a weekly, hour-long civics program hosted by local journalists Stephanie Kountorous, Dave Willingham and Tim Johnson of the Cascadia Weekly, airing Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. Sundays at 11 a.m., 1 p.m. Monday on KMRE 102.3 FM, Tuesdays at 6 p.m. and Thursdays at noon on KAVZ, 102.5 FM Van Zandt WA. It is produced at the KMRE studios in downtown Bellingham.

This week’s episode features interviews with Bellingham City Council candidates Roxanne Murphy, Jean Layton and Eric Bostrom. Gain insight on what Roxanne Murphy views as her biggest accomplishments and hear how Bostrom responds to questions relating to his streetside protesting.

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Comments by Readers

Larry Horowitz

Aug 05, 2017

Thanks for providing this service John.  I had never listened to a Cascadia News Now podcast before.

Having listened to all three interviews, I am surprised by the difference in Stephanie’s attitude and tone in her interviews with Roxanne and Jean.  Stephanie’s support for Roxanne and disapproval of Jean was very obvious. 

Jean and Roxanne are both progressive candidates, but Stephanie’s approach to each candidate was completely different.  I thought Jean dealt with Stephanie well; but if I were Jean, I’d be disappointed in how the interviews were handled.


Stephanie Kountouros

Aug 09, 2017

I can very much see how it came across that way. In retrospect, I wish I had asked some harder questions of Roxanne.



Larry Horowitz

Aug 09, 2017

Thank you Stephanie.   Your comment surprised me in a good way.   

Jean really impressed me with how quickly she learned about the various issues facing Bellingham citizens.  Her positions on these issues seem to be based on a thorough education of all sides.  I especially appreciate Jean’s recommendations to address poplation growth, homelessness, affordable housing, and the need to consider the well-being of existing residents - both renters and homeowners.

I had previously visited the Cascadia News Now (CNN) website and listened to the sample audio (“Just a taste of what you’ll hear on CNN”).  At the 56-second mark, the hosts enjoyed a good laugh when someone said, “If you’re not tired of the phrase ‘owner occupied’, you will be in about six months.”   I know a few people in town who would love to participate on your show to explain why ‘owner occupied’ is actually a serious matter.  Perhaps you’ll consider inviting them.

Again, Stephanie, thanks for accepting my original comment in the spirit in which it was intended.  I look forward to more of CNN’s posts on NWC.



Stephanie Kountouros

Aug 09, 2017

The issue is indeed serious, and I am not the only one involved in my local neighborhood association because of it.

And yes, we will be hearing it a lot in the coming months. Chuckling about what’s ahead does not equate with laughing at an issue at hand. It’s all relative.

Please invite community members to reach out via our webpage or Facebook Page. We’re also seeking citizen journalists—to witness, grab audio from, and report on community issues.

Thanks for reaching out!


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