Bush is totally dysfunctional now

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Why should the execution of Saddam be a concern to all of us? Because it was a lynching - and Bush and company participated. Personally I think Bush wanted Saddam dead quick out of fear that we may be driven out of Iraq and Saddam might have come back to partial power. This was like the police turning a person over to a mob and then claiming it had nothing to do with the lynching.

It is double speak when the unauthorized video of the hanging is referred to as “inflammatory”. The video is merely reporting. The way the hanging was conducted was inflammatory. These days we spend more legal efforts trying to find and kill the messenger than addressing the original issues.

To change the subject slightly - I think these first days of January feel like the opening days of WWII. We know all hell is going to break lose but we are not sure where and how. Bush is totally dysfunctional now and we all know it. He is concocting another losing effort. Sending in more troops will cause an outcry from Americans and will encourage more violence in Iraq. Bush is doing just the right things to encourage terrorism against the US. And divide our country. The citizens of this democracy spoke strongly - stop the war. Bush is telling us he does not respect our vote. Expect the unexpected in the next couple months from Bush. Including repression.

And our Rep - Rick Larsen - has not spoken out nor answered any questions. He has bragged about taking action against cough medicine in this new year.

In closing, my two favorite political news sites are the Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo. If you have not been to them then here are the links so you can check them out. and They lead with news and opinions that are days to weeks ahead of the corporate media.

And locally, check out this new one. blinet.org - All very anonymous - and may be an astroturf site. We do not know who is running this and their email does not work. Careful registering and posting as it may simply be collecting email addresses for spams. Getting you to register your name and email at some new site is a common tactic of spammers. Since free speech is an American right, why are these people so secretive? They know how to contact me and I will tell you more if they write.

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