Breaking News: City Replaces Basketball Hoop in Franklin Park

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Your intrepid reporter, roving around town as is his wont and habit, has news for yous: the basketball hoop in Franklin Park, absent all these eight (!) months since run over at high speed by an impaired driver on June 19, 2016, is finally being replaced. Glory Hallelujah! The Parks Department crew tells me that the new hoop should be up within a week. They also told me to make sure to identify them as a Parks Dept. crew, as the Herald had misidentified them as Public Works and they didn’t like to be so identified. Makes sense - there are rivalries within every organization - consider that in every copper smelter today there is a minor war going on at any time between the smelter boys and the mine boys. The technology of copper smelting hasn’t changed appreciably in five thousand years (the smelterman still knows when to pour off the copper by the change in color of the flame - this stuff is only learned from a master and by doing) - so the rivalries have had a bit of time to develop over the eons. Apparently, Public Works and Parks have different standards on many construction things - which makes it hard for contractors because then they have to change up parts of the job to please Parks or Public Works depending who has jurisdiction. Silly stuff I learned while serving on the neighborhood association.

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