Borders are artificial lines

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Juan Cole has it - how the Mid East could end up if Bush continues with his insane war. See the Mar 19 post for the map showing Iraq partitioned and the new countries of Kurdistan, Qaedistan and Shiitistan. Maybe not a long-term problem as Iraq was an artificial creation by the British after World War One.

The Kurds are quickly building their strength now. Iran is not afraid of the US as we are militarily too extended and all we can do is bomb them, which will just turn the rest of the world more against us and which will not happen during an election year. Syria doesn’t have to do much except sit there and watch all fall apart around it. Jordan is another artificial country with little reason to exist other than support from several other countries as it is a buffer state.

Looking back 3 years, the NwCitizen Mar 19, 2003 post on the day the war started still applies. The Bush gang still suffers from hubris, a feeling they can do anything and get away with it. The American people are now slowly realizing we reached too far in our bid for conquest and world empire. I think most people - for and against the war - knew we were more interested in economic gain than anything else - and that is empire however you slice it.

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