Bloodbath in Iraq

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According to the Washington Post, "President Bush warned Thursday that pulling out of Iraq too soon would trigger a bloodbath akin to that of the Cambodian killing fields of the 1970s, while Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid declared that it is too late to stay because the war has already been lost."

Wow! A bloodbath? Isn't that just what the invasion caused, too? That didn't seem to dissuade Bush on the way in. Why now, on the way out?

Lost War

What a great war strategy! Remember our guys bribing the elite Iraqi Republican Guard to not interfere with the invasion? Remember how they all vanished into thin air and we were able to storm effortlessly into Bhagdad? Remember our fearless leader proclaiming, "Mission accomplished"? Oops! Not yet! Too bad the Guard disappeared with all their weapons, eh? Somebody got suckered. That's how we lost the war.

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