Benazir Bhutto is dead

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9 pm
Some links. Juan Cole has his first take posted regarding the killing of Bhutto. Arianna Huffington knew her well and posted a personal remeberance. CNN reports with some amazing information on Musharraf's implication in the killing.

11 am
Benazir Bhutto is dead. And the Bush administration has blood on its hands. Their boy in Pakistan, Musharraf, did not provide security for her and allowed the assassins plenty of room and time to kill her when they could. Musharraf, dictator of Pakistan regardless of what label he wears on any given day, overthrew democracy in Pakistan and has kept democratic leaders out of the country for many years. Bush has fully supported him and provided billions of our tax dollars to bolster his entrenched power. Now we will have all the usual words and expressed concerns - empty words. This violence helps to justify more war - and Bush likes war. Conservative commentators are quick to say her killing will help the war hawk Republican candidates. Gee.

My conservative friends will say she took too many risks and her killing could not be prevented. Their thinking always has blank spots where they simply ignore strong evidence. In this case, her foes were allowed to plot and try and retry to kill her - with Musharraf and the Pakistan security services enabling the killing. And with Bush and his military knowing what was happening but continuing to fully support the dictator with money, security and safety.

Benazir and her father died trying to bring democracy to their country. Bush and his administration stooges have done their best to prevent democracy from developing in Pakistan. Like other assassinations of Middle East leaders since World War II, we will learn decades from now that we were involved in her killing. Bush and his advisors have blood on their hands. Shame on the United States. Again. All true patriots should be embarrassed for our country.

She was so good. She was the real thing - a leader who wanted to bring prosperity and democracy to the people of her country. Her father, when he was the leader, defied the US and was executed by the US supported dictator Zia for that. He also sought to bring democracy to a country when the US wanted a friendly dictator during the Cold War confrontation with Russia. Now, Musharraf simple is a two bit dictator who would fall in a day without the support of the US. Those who think this killing could not be prevented are pollyannas wearing blinders.

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