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There is a link to the Bellingham Register in the right column. The Register is a new, totally online newspaper and even has a paid reporter. And it has three job openings posted for News Editor, News Reporter, and Editorial Assistant.

This is promising for news reporting in Bellingham. While we have the Weekly now, it does not have any reporters and is mainly opinion and features. The Weekly's voice is important; and when Tim Johnson is on his feed, he is the most penetrating and gifted political commentator in our community.

Now, with the Register we have the hope of more actual news reporting on local government. Let's support this effort.

I would like to see mutual linking between perhaps a dozen of the local, high quality, online news and opinion websites. By visiting several sites one can gain a decent understanding of current local issues. But linking between the various websites is haphazard now and it seems there is always an edge of competition or a feeling of exceptionalism. We would all benefit if we collaborated at some level. Hell, we can even include links to the Herald as one of the news sources.

In the right column, I've listed the local blogs and news sites that offer good stuff. This list gets adjusted on a continuing basis. Some sites get new posts almost daily, some maybe once a week or less, some are entertaining as well as informative. All provide the best by local citizens who care about Bellingham and/or Whatcom County. All provide news and information that doesn't get touched by the Bellingham Herald.

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Comments by Readers

Rick Anderson

Feb 01, 2011

I’m not sure how promising the Bellingham Register is for news reporting.  There isn’t any current reporting on their site and the majority of the articles are from December and earlier.  Maybe your posting was premature?


Dick Conoboy

Feb 05, 2011

I don’t see any dates for any of the articles.  Only the content gives an indication of the time the article was written.  Strange, no?


John Servais

Feb 05, 2011

Strange, yes. 

I’ve also seen not a single new article since I posted this and the link to their site.  Sigh.  Hope springs eternal. I hope they get it together.  Perhaps they just need an experienced publisher or editor.  No, I’m not in the running - but they should be able to pick off someone from the Herald without too much effort.  We shall wait and see.


Daniel Hewitt

Mar 23, 2011

They weren’t quite ready to run yet, but they are working out some of the kinks in the system and making sure things run smoothly for when they really go live.

They have a publisher who is involved in many civic and business related endeavors locally and this may sit on the back burner until the time is right.

Regardless, it’s a positive thing regarding the free flow of information in Whatcom County. Competition, Adam Smith posited, creates incentives for efficiency. =)