Bellingham City Club Presentation on Medicare Privatization

Building awareness of proposed privatization efforts is extremely important. Don’t miss this valuable talk.

Building awareness of proposed privatization efforts is extremely important. Don’t miss this valuable talk.

Interest in the privatization of Medicare, also known as ACO Reach and Direct Contracting Entities, is growing in this region and, as I see in articles and reports, throughout the nation. Locally, the Bellingham City Club has recognized this contentious issue and has taken action to inform the public. 

Consequently, the Bellingham City Club will host a presentation entitled “Health Equity or Private Equity? Is Wall Street Taking Over Health Care for Seniors?” on June 22nd from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. You can access the Zoom meeting through the Bellingham City Club website or you can click here to register in advance

The speaker, Dr. Ana Malinow, will explain the new system and answer questions. “Dr. Malinow is a past president of Physicians for a National Health Program and co-founder of Health Care for all Texas, a grassroots organization that promotes single-payer national health insurance. She is also co-founder of Doctors for Change, an organization of health care professionals that organize for improved access to health care in Houston and Harris County.”

From the City Club webpage: 

“In 2020, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) launched a new model program that has moved millions of traditional Medicare beneficiaries into mostly commercial, for-profit plans called Direct Contracting Entities (DCE), without the enrollees’ full understanding or consent.

Under the Biden administration, this program was renamed REACH. Our community hospital, Peace Health, is now operating a Direct Contracting Entity.

What will this mean to your medical costs? What does it mean to your choice of doctors and more importantly, what will it mean to the Medicare System?"

A video will be created for later viewing.  

[NB:  You can read my prior articles on privatization of Medicare at this link.]

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Dianne Foster

Jul 03, 2022

If you missed the meeting,  you can see the video on Bellingham City Club’s website….


Dick Conoboy

Jul 03, 2022


Thanks for the reminder.  The video is at this link

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