Being Thankful on Thanksgiving

Most - maybe all - reading this have much to be thankful for. Many may feel grief or despair because of the elections. They should not because what we have in this country is still so much more than most peoples in the world have. But in truth, we should give thanks for what we have and not be sad for what we wish we had.

There are many in America who have good reasons to not be thankful. The Indians in North Dakota, for instance. There is a lack of articles about the violent confrontations against the Standing Rock Indian’s protesting the pipeline. I did find one good article. (correct link now) This issue is being mostly ignored by our American news media.

These Indians, whether we think they are right or not, are standing up for what they think is theirs - against a state government and pipeline corporation that use horrifying violence on peaceful demonstrators. We liberals should note - Obama has done almost nothing. Hillary would not speak out on this issue. We have turned our backs to this use of military type power against our American natives. Again.

The irony. The indians welcomed us to this country and they provided much of the food for the first thanksgivings. They showed the early colonists in Virginia and New England how to farm and survive. And they made treaties with the us and we have repeatedly broken those treaties - and continue to do so.

We can be thankful for all we have. As we feel grief at a lost election and a fear of what will be taken from us in the next few years, we might try to realize that we ourselves have been taking the future away from the native Americans for several hundred years. And we continue even on this Thanksgiving day, 2016.

Mid Thur - adding link to a morning report on Standing Rock protests. This is at Quartz, which is a new but very good news website.

And today’s article - with video - at The Guardian of England. The foreign press cover our news better than we do.

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