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Baseball, money and the American way

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Umpire Bob Davidson, our USA go-to cheater, is behind the plate for today’s game between Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Of course his calls are to help defeat Cuba. Gawd, what an embarrassment to the US if Cuba wins and goes to the finals on Monday eve.

A clear third strike and third out by the Cuban pitcher was called a ball. Video showed it clearly a strike. Davidson kept the Dominicans alive and they scored a run in the inning. Every little bit helps. Davidson is doing the American best to keep Communist Cuba out of the finals. No problem.

I understand why Bud Selig and MLB does this - money and the American way. The question is why the baseball writers let Davidson off the hook so easily. His bad calls have impacted games repeatedly. Answer - if they write critical opinions then MLB will ban them from the clubhouses. What a country.

Game over
Cuba wins 3 to 1. Bob Davidson deserves a break - he is perhaps not as much a cheat as incompetent. He called strikes for three balls that were 4 inches or more outside the strike zone. Again, video showed all plainly. And two were by Cuban pitcher Lazo. But these came very late in the game. What a guy.

Not to hog the limelight for exposing B. Davidson, here is what some others say. Tim Sullivan of the San Diego Union-Tribune: “But the fact of the matter is the most consistent performer for Team USA in this tournament was Bob Davidson. An umpire.” Carl Stewart of Inside Bay Area: “Team USA MVP: umpire Bob Davidson. Without his help, the haughty, overconfident Americans would have been swept in Round 2.” Bob Berardino of the Florida Sun-Sentinel: Not even the highly questionable umpiring of Bob Davidson could save the Americans from this indignity.” What a guy. What a country. We put our best guy in there but he wasn’t enough. Not for lack of trying. Thanks Bob. It is really too bad when our cheating cannot win for us. Time for excuses.

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