At the Bellis Faire parking lot,

flyers are being put on windshields of cars with Canadian license plates that read: "We in America are disappointed in Canadians and your government. You are not welcome in America. Go back where you belong and stay there." Also happening in other parking lots on the north side of Bellingham. Nothing in the Bellingham Herald about this. Oh, it is news in Canada and Seattle. Just not with Herald editors. Now our so-called patriots are doing their best to wreck the local economy.

And then there is that story of the American soldiers killing 7 people in a car that "would not stop when warned". A big distortion by American corporate media. It was 10 people, all women and children, and the "warning shot" was followed immediately by machine gun fire at the passengers, leaving them no time to respond. The British soldiers are amazed how trigger happy we Americans are. Read the original story by the British reporter at the scene who watched the shooting - and compare with the Herald's false headline "Civilians in van ignore warnings; 7 killed". Or read two stories at Truthout, one of the links on the right column of this page that provides you accurate news reports of the war - not the sugared and cleansed patriotic reporting of American media.

Bellingham police conveniently overlooked over 200 violations of Bellingham Code, BMC 10.24.120(1), that reads "The frequent, repetitive or continuous sounding of any horn or siren attached to a motor vehicle, except as a warning of danger or as specifically permitted or required by law." For almost an hour truckers completely blocked all downtown traffic on all streets and blasted away all conversations in stores as they did their macho demonstration last Saturday. Police smiled, waved and stopped all traffic for them. Ahh, but the city quickly prosecuted Ellen Murphy for handing out flyers about toxic depleted uranium at the military recruiting center. Double standard is routine practice in Bellingham.

Finally, much is being made in corporate media about that "terrorist camp" in northern Iraq that was found a couple days ago. What you are not told is the camp was inside the Kurdish-controlled zone that the Iraqi army has not been near for 10 years. Yah, that Biara camp. It was set up and supplied by Iran, which was only a mile or two away. Iraq had nothing to do with it.

American corporate media deceive you and me by leaving out vital facts as well as distorting the stories. Why? All part of the war effort. Normal in all wars. To learn what is really happening you need to read foreign press reports. Check out the links on the right-hand column.

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