Accusations against Russia

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The Pentagon - that world-renowned planning organization - is complaining that Russia tipped off Saddam to our military moves during the invasion of Iraq three years ago. How did Russia supposedly get our info? Apparently from Pentagon command headquarters. Hmmm. Where should the generals be looking? Maybe under their own beds.

But here is the fun part. During the invasion, Saddam and we could stay a step ahead of US forces by following a Russian website. Starting on April 3, 2003 - we posted the link to and on April 8, 2003 we posted the link to which was where aeronautics was getting their info. This Russian site has long ago been dismantled - and the name is for sale. It was apparently run by a pick-up group of military, news and consulting people who were either in Iraq or had been there. They told the whole world what was happening with incredible accuracy - at times seeming to know more about where US forces were than the Pentagon did.

Saddam could just go to the website and see where the US forces were planning to be in 5 hours or the next day. As did many around the world. The website showed where they were and the direction they were moving. For those of us using the world wide web, following the war was easy on the Russian website. Our US media followed the Pentagon rules and did not actually report on the war. I wonder if the Pentagon still has sour grapes about that website and is now trying to turn attention away from its own massive failures in Iraq and blame someone - anyone - for the failures. And thus the accusations against Russia this week. I think we can expect more accusations against other groups over the next few months.

So - questions the ‘media’ - Fox, NBC, etc - are not asking now. When were the Iraqi documents found? The ones that implicate the Russians. Three years ago? Then why only now are they coming out? Found just recently? How do we know they are valid? This whole thing is just so convenient for distracting from our failure in Iraq - and so needed to find others to blame for this failure.

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