A Spy Speaks Out -

Byy On

the 60 Minutes piece last night with Tyler Drumheller, the CIA chief in Europe during the years we prepared to invade Iraq. He blows the Bush Administration claim that the intelligence failed Bush. He tells how the CIA told Bush that the Niger uranium papers were false and that Iraq was not building WMDs. You can read the transcript of the 20=minute piece.

This morning this story is not even mentioned in the Bellingham Herald. It does not even make the home page of Google news. Google his name and a lot of foreign press come up - but it is given very secondary treatment in the US media - that group controlled by a handful of corporations.

Bush knew there was no threat from Iraq. We knew he was lying to us and now we have the proof. But you may be reading about this for the first time on this lowly political blog. Maybe our media will slowly rise to absorb this story and realize it is a gun with a lot of smoke coming out of the end of the barrel.

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