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Fellow city resident, taxpayer and citizen,

I sent this email to our city council this morning. They have time today to structure out next Monday's August 9 council meeting agenda to include time to get answers from the mayor.

The email to the city council:

Unless something is in writing then, to a bureaucrat, it did not happen. I could install a 100 foot billboard across the street from city hall on the library lawn asking a question and it would not exist unless I wrote an email to the city that told of the billboard existence. So this email.

NorthwwestCitizen.com has posted an article that is critical of the secretive manner the Chuckanut Ridge development has received extensions for its environmental requirements. I have learned that the city council is largely in the dark about what is happening. The mayor has, by very reliable reports, been in negotiation with Washington Federal to buy this land with our Greenways Funds. It has been seven months - and we all, citizens and council, have no idea what is happening.

I ask the council to take the leadership on this issue. You have the power to call department heads before you and to answer your questions. You have the power to do the same with the mayor. If delicate purchase negotiations are close to a reality then this citizen has no problem with the council doing this in executive session. I want to know that the council is aware of what is happening, is in the loop and is in a position to make sure we taxpayers get the best deal possible.

I will be posting this email on NwCitizen.com. This issue will be public. The Herald has been silent on this issue and I will do my best to make this a public issue. Chuckanut Ridge is important because it will be an expenditure of millions of Greenways Funds, because it will preserve a critical wetlands environment, because it will add hugely to our green spaces and because it will show whether city government can function in the interests of the citizens.

John Servais

Gentle reader - my question will have zero effect unless supported by phone calls and emails from other concerned citizens. Whether a concern about paying extra millions for the property or a concern about whether we will ever get the property, now is the time to let the council know. Below is the council contact page. The phone number is 778-8200.

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