A far superior and more objective analysis

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If you’re a liberal and just figure you’ll vote for Mark for mayor, then read Tip Johnson’s analysis of the two candidates. Compared to John Stark’s report in this morning’s Herald, Tip gives a far superior and more objective analysis of last night’s debate. Further, Tip did not allow one candidate to phone him after the debate to fix his bad rebuttals. Stark actually included Mark’s phoned-in comments in his report. (Mark did have time to complete his answer but chose to tell us how much he “loved” his job.) No telling how much more of Stark’s report was influenced by Mark’s phone call. How cozy.

Tip ends by writing “...I think it is time for a change.” Tip served on the City Council with Mark and knows him well. He writes about Mark abusing the public process with the Mason Building - the Pit fiasco. He comprehensively covers the debate. He, as commentator, adds information of value for the reader rather than allowing a candidate to add information to make up for muffed debate answers.

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