A “Cadillac” system

Mayor Mark is in trouble with young liberal activists - just the voters who normally would support a liberal mayor. But they are remembering his presiding over police and court abuses that targeted young Bellingham activists over the past several years. This is a slice of the handbill left on car windshields of those attending the Herald Election Forum this evening. Click on the link below to see the whole flyer.

In 2000, the Medic One officials called their program a “Cadillac” system. In this morning’s Herald, John Stark wrote that Nick Kaiser came up with the phrase at last evening’s forum. Nick supports Medic One but opposes the special levy on the ballot. Medic One has been supported without a levy for over 20 years.

John’s reporting implies the opponents of the levy think Medic One is too fancy. He fails to report that Nick used the description the Medic One administrators use to describe their own program. Either John does not know the history or he purposely intended to misinform the Herald readers. Either way, it is yet another example of how the Herald slants reporting to promote their own agenda.

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