40th District State Representative Pos 1 Primary - Tom Pasma’s Responses

Tom answers our questions

Tom answers our questions

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Writer's notes: The candidates for State Representative in the 40th District Position 1 are: Dusty Gulleson (prefers Republican Party,) Chuck Carrell (prefers Republican Party,) Doug Revelle (prefers Happiness Party,) Mike Newman (prefers Republican Party,) Kristine Lytton (prefers Democratic Party,) Tom Pasma (prefers Democratic Party,) Thomas Boucher (prefers Democratic Party,) Justin Van Dyk (prefers Democratic Party,) and Donna R. Miller (prefers Republican Party.)
What follows are the two responses to questions I submitted to Tom last Mon, Aug 2.
Why should I vote for you?
"As a small businessman, rancher and charity auctioneer I have the skills and broad experience to be the best representative for the 40th District.  I have shown that I am an independent thinker with the ability to put aside political games and work together to find solutions to the problems we face.
I have proven experience in advocating for the agricultural community in the legislature by spearheading the passage of two bills.  In the fall of 2008, many small farmers and ranchers all over the state received notice of huge property tax bills that went back seven years with penalties because of a technical flaw in the law.   HB 1733 corrected the error.  This year, I worked to set up pilot projects in San Juan and Skagit counties to establish farm internship programs (SB 6349.)  Internships will help young people become the farmers of the future. 
“I am proud to support Tom Pasma for 40th District State Representative.  Tom has shown me that he has the experience, the leadership skills and the community connections to take on the important work in Olympia.  We need real leaders who can work together to solve the problems we face,” says former Senator Harriet Spanel."
What is important to you?
"The people of this region who are struggling in this economic crisis are what matters most to me.  I believe that our future depends on successful small businesses and a sustainable agricultural economy in the 40th District.  I will focus on job creation, education that makes the most of every child's potential, responsible budgets, and preservation of our environment and agricultural economy.
I’m firmly committed to protecting our region’s most important asset: our quality of life. I believe that protecting our quality of life and promoting economic development are completely compatible concepts. 
I believe we should be doing everything we can to promote sustainable agriculture and the local food movement in our region.  We should be working harder to attract and support renewable energy firms, like geothermal, tidal, and waste-to-energy, which promise to create new, highly compensated jobs.
I will be a strong voice for small town and rural communities in a legislature often dominated by big city issues. There are no other elected Democrats with a working background in agriculture in the state legislature."

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Hue Beattie

Aug 08, 2010

He is my choice .He can represent the 40th very
effectively in Olympia.I also trust him to do the right
things to improve small business in our area. He is the
real deal.

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