118 of our kids killed in May

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The generals who can't count straight are caught again. The top generals have been loose with the facts in their effort to justify the war but his interview on Memorial Day was sad because General Pace dishonored our soldiers by not being honest and suggesting fewer have been killed than have been. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad. He doesn't even know how many kids he is responsible for having killed in the war. Even as he continues to order them to their useless deaths. He is sacrificing them to his own career. Nothing more.

In May so far, 118 of our kids have been killed - the largest number in a month in over two years - for our gruesome running total of 3,464 killed - and continuing each day. And even worse is over 25,000 wounded or sick enough to require medical air transport out. Over 50,000 wounded or sick in some form. And then the uncounted thousands mentally traumatized for the rest of their lives. The general probably doesn't want to pay much attention to these numbers. I'll bet he knows exactly how many ribbons he is wearing.

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