Jail Planning

That Big, Flat, Rural Jail or Regional Detention Center?

By Tip JohnsonOn Dec 29, 2016

I don’t really know Amy Glasser, but I’m starting to like her. She recently sent a letter to the County Council, asking some pointed questions about the highly [...]

PDC Staff Suggests Gentle Wrist Pat for Campaign Violations

By John ServaisOn Dec 03, 2016

Washington state’s Public Disclosure Commission staff has completed a year-long investigation into how Whatcom County’s three top elected officials ran the campaign for last year’s jail bond. [...]

Dogged Pursuit of a Failed Vision?

By Tip JohnsonOn Mar 08, 2016

Author's Note: I was wrong and owe the prosecutor an apology. I'm sorry. I am told on good authority that the header designating the Chief Deputy Prosecutor on [...]

Final Election Returns: Jail Tax Rejected

By John ServaisOn Nov 06, 2015

The jail sales tax is dead. Rejected by the voters of Whatcom County. A simple majority of 51.42% of voters has said 'NO' to the measure that was strongly promoted by [...]

NWCitizen Publisher’s Voting Choices

By John ServaisOn Oct 31, 2015

I stopped by to visit our county auditor, Debbie Adelstein, Friday afternoon. Of the estimated 75,000 to 80,000 ballots expected this election, only 23,908 have been received so far. Only about 30%. That is [...]

Louws Regrets Jail Mailer

By John ServaisOn Oct 20, 2015

Whatcom County Executive Jack Louws has written an email to perhaps a dozen public officials throughout the county expressing his regret over the controversial bias of the jail mailer. In [...]

Let’s not squander the next 30 years

By John ServaisOn Oct 18, 2015

The jail proposition must be stopped. Of all the items on the ballot, this one is the most onerous and devastating. In 10 years - or less - we, as a [...]

Making a Jail: Bamboozle!

By Tip JohnsonOn Oct 16, 2015

The jail proposal is wrought with troubling contradictions. The only way to prevent a massive misappropriation of public funds - a tax heist - is to vote down Prop. 2015-1 [...]

Just Say No - to the Incarceration-Industrial Complex

By David CampOn Oct 02, 2015

Key data to help you make your decision on the county’s proposal to borrow $97 million to build a new jail: Amount borrowed: $ 97,000,000 Annual Interest Cost: $ 4,850,000 (Based on 5% coupon) Total [...]

Alternative Jail Proposal for City Center

By John ServaisOn Sep 22, 2015

Is there a good alternative for a decent jail if we vote down the county sales tax proposition? There are several serious issues with the current proposition, any one of [...]

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