Lake Whatcom

THE LAKE & ECOLOGY; Can’t Have One Without The Other

By g.h.kirschOn May 26, 2008

Why all the hubbub about building moratoria in the Lake Whatcom watershed? You can’t build or subdivide without adequate water, and the entire watershed is closed to new wells. [...]

Saving the Lake

By g.h.kirschOn May 20, 2008

Another important step towards dealing with the pollution of Lake Whatcom was taken tonight. The mayor and city council have thrown down the gauntlet to Pete Kremen and the county [...]

Casting Our Lots in the Lake Whatcom Watershed

By Tom PratumOn Apr 04, 2008

In early February, I and several other folks met with Whatcom County Parks director Mike McFarlane to ask some questions about the proposed reconveyance of Forest Board land for parks [...]

Herald editorial on Lake Whatcom land deal

By John ServaisOn Sep 30, 2007

The Bellingham Herald editorial today is excellent. It raises the basic questions about the newly proposed Lake Whatcom land reconveyance deal to make a park on the very steep hillsides [...]

Lake Whatcom land deal; “technicality” loses Herald’s letters

By John ServaisOn Sep 25, 2007

Tom Pratum has some good information on the proposed - and still mostly secret - Lake Whatcom land reconveyance plan. He posted it on the North Cascades Audubon Society website, [...]

My posts here were accurate

By John ServaisOn Sep 22, 2007

The October surprise is a week early. Today’s Herald has the carefully managed news of the land swap that John Watts alerted us to on Sep 11 - and which [...]

No denials in land swap accusation

By John ServaisOn Sep 12, 2007

Rather than answer several emails individually, this post will clarify a couple things. First, why is yesterday’s post by John Watts that I praised any different from his late [...]

Prediction of an October Surprise

By John ServaisOn Sep 11, 2007

An astounding post by John Watts this afternoon on his HamsterTalk website. He has what amounts to a prediction of an October Surprise - implying strongly that it is intended [...]

Mercury in Lake Whatcom

By John ServaisOn Jun 03, 2004

Today the Washington Department of Ecology released a report that says, basically, that mercury in the lake is less now than in the past. “Decreasing” is the operative word.Local [...]

Re: Chamber of Commerce insert in today’s Bellingham Herald

By John ServaisOn May 24, 2004

The initiative is ‘remove motor boats’, not ‘remove boats’ from Lake Whatcom. Our Chamber of Commerce just lies in print to achieve their goal of defeating the initiative. Then the [...]

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