Lake Whatcom

The Political Junkie Interviews Christina Maginnis

By Riley SweeneyOn Jul 18, 2011

Hello Loyal Readers, We are debuting a new feature here at The Political Junkie, the Interview. Look for this logo for interviews with local candidates and opinion leaders. If you [...]

Just An Insignificant Little Road

By g.h.kirschOn Feb 02, 2009

While it went almost unheralded Friday, Kremen & Co temporarily backed away from their earlier position that driving a road into the forest on Squalicum Mountain, to serve new development [...]

Remember Lake Whatcom?

By g.h.kirschOn Dec 29, 2008

At the risk of displeasing friend and foe alike, may I ask what has been accomplished this past year to fix Lake Whatcom and protect Bellingham’s water supply? The [...]

Still the Big Hurdle for Reconveyance

By g.h.kirschOn Sep 30, 2008

From the outset of discussion of the proposal to reconvey forest lands to the county for a new park I have written that it is necessary to first rezone or [...]

Stillman Creek: Real Possibility or Scare Tactic?

By Tom PratumOn Sep 17, 2008

This past winter, during torrential rains to the South of us, there were some very serious slides on Weyerhaeuser land in Lewis County adjacent to Stillman Creek (a tributary of [...]

Deja vu All Over Again

By g.h.kirschOn Jun 30, 2008

No matter how one hopes things will change, things remain the same. Bellingham wants the county to curb development in the watershed, but can’t seem to stop allowing the [...]

Trails to Nowhere

By Myron WlaznakOn Jun 28, 2008

I received a Notice of Complete Application for the construction of an impervious trail through the center of a parcel of forested land acquired with funds collected for Lake Whatcom [...]

City hall misleading on geese kill plans

By Wendy HarrisOn Jun 20, 2008

by Wendy Harris | Wendy is a resident of Silver Beach on the north side of Lake Whatcom. This is her second guest writer article - and follows her first on [...]

Who’ll Stop the Raid

By g.h.kirschOn Jun 16, 2008

While the Lake Whatcom Water & Sewer District races to expand its infrastructure to serve sprawling development on the north shore of the lake, the King County Superior Court, Thursday, [...]

Kill Lawns, Not Geese

By Wendy HarrisOn Jun 15, 2008

By Wendy Harris Wendy is a resident of Silver Beach on the north side of Lake Whatcom. She is an active citizen. Today she is our first guest writer. This [...]

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