Lake Whatcom

Water Well Drilling Moratorium is Bad Idea

By Elisabeth BrittOn Nov 25, 2016

In October, the Washington Supreme Court entered a decision in Whatcom County v. Hirst, (Hirst) a Growth Management Act (GMA) case. In the opinion, the court states that counties have [...]

Unregulated vacation rentals on Lake Whatcom

By Tani SutleyOn Dec 21, 2015

Tani Sutley guest writes this fourth post on the unregulated vacation rentals on Lake Whatcom. Her previous articles are linked below this article. - - - - On December 8th, [...]

Whatcom Farmers and Eric Hirst Dialog

By Eric HirstOn Dec 19, 2015

Eric Hirst guest writes again on water issues in Whatcom County. Publisher note: We all use water every single day at home and in commerce and industry. By far, the [...]

Whatcom Co.: 90 Million Gallons of Water a Day

By Eric HirstOn Jul 22, 2015

Guest writer Eric Hirst is retired to Bellingham and enjoys using his professional abilities to benefit our community. He has a doctorate from Stanford and spent his professional career doing [...]

County proposes free pass for vacation rentals

By Tani SutleyOn Apr 26, 2015

Tani Sutley guest writes her third article about the lack of county regulations for residental homes being converted to vacation rentals. - - - The Whatcom County Council will introduce [...]

Lodging Goals for Whatcom County

By Tani SutleyOn Jan 08, 2015

Tani Sutley guest writes a second article about unlicensed vacation rentals and presents goals for the county council to consider. - - - Whatcom County Planning Commission will hold a [...]

Whatcom County and the New Sharing Economy

By Tani SutleyOn Dec 09, 2014

This article is by guest writer Tani Sutley. Tani’s family has owned property on the north shore of Lake Whatcom for over 60 years. - - - Home Rentals Take [...]

Water, Water Everywhere, but ...

By Terry WechslerOn Apr 19, 2014

Kudos to Rome Grange and the local Citizens' Alliance for Property Rights (yes, I am saying kudos) for the excellent Water Forum today at the public library. The panel included [...]

Lecture on County Water Issues Draws Crowd

By Wendy HarrisOn Dec 06, 2013

Timing is everything, and no where is this more evident than in Whatcom County’s water supply and demand problems. We have a surplus of water in the winter [...]

Our Water - War or Pieces?

By Guest WriterOn May 24, 2013

Marian Beddill writes this guest article on the saga of water rights in our area. She has studied water resources and our Lake Whatcom water situation for many years. —— Q: [...]

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