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Mainstream Media won’t Say this about Hong Kong


I had been asked by many Bellinghamsters to talk about Hong Kong after moving here. I would always begin this way: if you ask this question of five people in Hong Kong, you’ll get at least six answers. The Hong Kong situation is extremely complicated, liked most socio-political situations of our time.

But our time is also one of short attention span and quick newsflashes. When unrest broke last June in Hong Kong, I was again asked about it repeatedly. I would always ask: how much time do you have? Unfortunately, most of those who asked either did not have time or did not have the patience. I ended up not answering the question because the issue is too complicated to talk about briefly. And some Bellinghamsters ended up telling me what they think!

I had wanted to write about it but was too busy and lazy. Short of discussing it myself, I’ll let the article (sent to me by a fellow Peace Vigilist) linked here do the talking. Ajit Singh at The Grayzone did a good job of exposing an important aspect of the Hong Kong situation shamefully neglected – or hidden – by the mainstream press.

Singh had also filed other reports about the mainstream media’s bias against China, such as questioning the accuracy of widely-circulated reports that China detained millions of Uyghurs, tracing the dubious claim to far-right groups and regime-change conservatives.

You can find a list of articles Singh wrote for Grayzone with the second link.

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Bryan Jones

Jun 13, 2020

I have hosted international students from around the world for over 20 years. Our east asian students still consider America as the  “City on a Hill” for democracy. It is humbling, knowing how imperfect our nation is. This last year we hosted students from Hong Kong and Dalin China. To admit that the issues are complex and not nessearily complimentary to the US is an understatement.  Students from both cities tell me that they chose America to study in because of American freedom. One girl told us that her mother wanted to study here because “the girls became more independant”. 

So despite the propaganda from the media and governments of three nations these young adults are willing to bet their future on US. Perhaps I will be able to share the best of America without ignoring the worst. Dinner conversation is not boring.


Ho See-wing

Jun 16, 2020

Indeed, Bryan, America has an outstanding education system that attracts students from all over the world. I am a beneficiary of that and remain a big fan. America also has the world’s most sophisticated soft power as well as hard power, also very attractive to people all over the world, often for many different reasons. 

America does have more freedom than China. I myself had turned down meaningful and well-paying jobs in China largely because of that. I also don’t doubt that girls do become more independent here. Freedom of the press in America is a virtue I admire and treasure. Between the media of the U.S. and China (I don’t know which third nation you were referring to but if you meant Hong Kong, it’s not a nation last time I checked), China’s media is certainly much less trustworthy, even for many Chinese. American media is highly influential all over the world. When it is wrong, the damage can be much more severe than the mistakes of Chinese media. When it deliberately distorts, it is much more repugnant given the freedom it enjoys. With privilege comes responsibility.

The night before I came to study in America, my late father sat me down and reminded me to learn the best of the west while retaining the best of the east. His advice has stayed with me to this day. But a few years into my stay, I realized that while I had strived to do that, I had also unwittingly learned the worst of the west and kept the worst of the east. It was one of the most profound discoveries of my life. I do hope that Asian students today will learn the best of the west and retain the best of the east (while continuing to learn the best of the east) without learning the worst of the west and keeping the worst of the east.

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I had been asked by many Bellinghamsters to talk about Hong Kong after moving here. I would always begin this way: if you ask this question of five people in [...]

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