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Health & Home

How Our Community Can Welcome Our Troops Home

By Guest WriterOn Aug 24, 2015

Guest Writer: Christopher Brown is a U.S. Marine combat veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan and Purple Heart recipient. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work through [...]

You can’t fight city hall: city hall doesn’t fight fair

By Guest WriterOn Aug 22, 2014

Pat McKee guest writes this. He is a resident of Sunnyland and was a leader in their seven year planning effort. - The future look of Bellingham's distinctive single [...]

Devil In the Details

By Guest WriterOn Aug 16, 2014

What is the problem? Why are the Sunnyland neighbors unhappy with the outcome of the recent City Council decision that calls for single- family zoning for the DOT property? Here&[...]

What Landlords Need to Know about Rental Registration

By Guest WriterOn Jul 21, 2014

Theo Bickel guest writes this article. He is a recent Political Science graduate from WWU. When discussing rental code enforcement, you may think it's a dispute between tenants and [...]

Sunnyland Deja Vu

By Guest WriterOn Jul 18, 2014

Guest writer Judith Green is a resident of the Sunnyland Neighborhood of Bellingham. In March, 2012, Northwest Citizen published an article by guest writer Mike Rostron titled, Sunnyland Neighborhood Asks for [...]

Bellingham’s 2013 Water Quality Report: The Facts But Not the Truth

By Wendy HarrisOn May 13, 2014

Great News!! According to Bellingham’s 2013 Safe Drinking Water Act annual water quality report, “Bellingham's water is very clean.” Sure, “unregulated contaminants of concern” (vanadium, stontium, hexavalent chromium, [...]

The Marijuana Bowl

By John ServaisOn Jan 19, 2014

Too funny to ignore. Checking news web sites in the hour after the Seahawks win shows only the British and the online Seattle PI willing to point out the elephant [...]

City too Poor for Power Pennies or Discrimination?

By Guest WriterOn Dec 27, 2013

Publisher note: Guest writer Barbara Perry brings to our notice a public need in Bellingham. During this Christmas and holiday season, we might reflect on how we as a community [...]

Obamacare and the Coming (Not Again?) Wealth Transfer

By Dick ConoboyOn Mar 06, 2013

It is called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (short form: “Obamacare”). As with most laws nowadays, you can be sure that the effect of the law [...]

PeaceHealth Merger Threatens Women’s Health in Whatcom County

By Riley SweeneyOn Feb 26, 2013

Writer's Note: Hello everyone, Riley Sweeney here from The Political Junkie. You can find more of my writing over at my site but I wanted to share this piece [...]

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