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Coming Up - The Weather

By g.h.kirschOn May 14, 2009

Events have forced those who earlier warned of global warming to modulate their hysteria and instead ring the alarm for catastrophic “climate change” instead. Why the nuance? If [...]

Watching the Space Station

By John ServaisOn Apr 24, 2009

We expect to have clear or almost clear skies at dawn for the next few days. And, as chance would have it, the ISS - International Space Station - will [...]

March 2009 Temperatures for Bellingham

By John ServaisOn Apr 02, 2009

Bill McCallum has sent us the temperature graph for March. As he notes:While March 2009 had the same number of days with temperatures above normal, 4 of them, as did March 2008, [...]

Book review:  The Weather of the Pacific Northwest

By John ServaisOn Dec 18, 2008

The book on Northwest weather has just been published. I mean _the_ book. “The Weather of the Pacific Northwest by Cliff Mass. For any person who is not a weather [...]

Weather - September temperatures for Bellingham

By John ServaisOn Oct 02, 2008

Bill McCallum is creating these interesting graphs of our monthly weather and making them available to us. We will continue to post them through December and then try to do [...]

Uncharted Future

By Myron WlaznakOn Jul 04, 2008

Over the past few years, I’ve written in other venues about profound impacts we can expect to our daily lives from fundamental changes in a rapidly evolving world. Some [...]

Weather - June Temperatures for Bellingham

By John ServaisOn Jul 01, 2008

Bill McCallum has sent us the June chart of temperatures. As you can see, we had another cold month. Bill notes:“Temperatures have been below normal for the past year, [...]

Magnetism & the search for unlimited energy

By Larry HorowitzOn Jun 28, 2008

On March 26, 2002, the US Patent Office issued Patent No. 6,362,718 B1, potentially altering the entire paradigm in our quest for the holy grail of unlimited clean energy. British journalist Nick Cook, [...]

Weather - May temperatures for Bellingham

By John ServaisOn Jun 14, 2008

Bill McCallum has provided us with his unique chart for our May temperatures. This is obviously a labor of love for Bill, as he compiles the weather data from the [...]

It’s Enough to Make Anyone Grumpy

By Myron WlaznakOn Jun 05, 2008

It’s been a pretty sorry spring so far. With the exception of Ski to Sea weekend, our little corner of the globe has been somewhat less than a sunny [...]

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